Cesar instructing his staff


We have a crew dedicated to landscape maintenance and the management of the landscapes. We perform weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services, and Cesar provides horticultural and ecological advice to the homeowners if requiered.

Our crews do not have a hedge trimmer and therefore no “lollypop” shape on shrubs if offered.

The maintenance department will service your :

Irrigation system. The irrigation controller will be adjusted according to the seasons.

Trees and Shrubs. All plants Will trimmed by hand based on their needs. Trees will be pruned up to 7′  as part of the service

Lawn. Weekly lawn service is provided and fertilization 4 times a year is offered. Winter rye grass can be seeded upon request.

Night lights. Nightlighs will be checked once a month as part of the service. Light bulbs will be replaced and a fee for the parts will be charged

Other service within our visits are offered: Weed control, pest control on agaves and annual planting service.