Cesar Mazier has performed valuable horticulture research and authored many articles since he began his career. Following are some of his research studies and publication titles.

Methods of transplanting saguaros have been investigated since 1989.
Weed control experiments in wildflower beds conducted in fall 1993, spring 1994.
Water requirements for optimal health of the Desert Botanical Garden’s plants.
Evaluated the effect of gray water on desert plants at the Desert Botanical Garden’s Desert House.
Fertilization of saguaros.
Soil research in Baja California.
Wildflower germination.
1986 Evaluation of Seven Varieties of Cowpea . Publication of the Annual Meeting of Central American Cooperative Program of Food Crops. (PCCMCA) San Salvador, El Salvador.
1986 Annual Report of Drought-Area Project . Tropical Agronomical Center of Education and Research. (CATIE) Turiabla, Costa Rica.
1986 Developing Appropriate Technologies for the Conditions of the Farmers in San Francisco de La Paz, Olancho, Honduras . International Center for the Improvement of Corn and Wheat. (CIMMYT) Texcoco, Mexico.
1995 “Care of Cacti,” Grounds Maintenance magazine.
1999 “Just Deserts, (Ten Trees for Arid Landscapes).” American Nurseryman magazine.