Teaching (30)

Conferences & Seminars

A talented and popular speaker, Cesar Mazier is a sought-after presenter on native desert plants, his world travels, and his research.

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

Irrigation System of Desert Botanical Garden,

Drip Irrigation,


Horticultural Meeting, Tucson, Arizona

Transplanting Saguaros in the Southwest, (Spanish and English presentations)


Columbine Society, Phoenix, Arizona

Wildflower Care,


University of Nevada, Cooperative Extension Service

Many tree Pruning classes (Spanish and English presentations), 1996-present


Cactus and Succulent Society of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona

Care of Saguaros and Boojums


Recycle and Compost Conference, Phoenix, Arizona

Composting In-Vessel


Southwest Trade Show, Xeriscape Conference, Phoenix, Arizona

Care of Cacti and other Columnar Plants


Southwest Trade Show, Xeriscape Conference, Phoenix, Arizona

Growing and Caring for Desert Plants


Southwestern Low Desert Gardening & Landscaping Conference, Phoenix, Arizona

Growing Awareness,


Desert Botanical Garden

Horticultural Volunteer Training, Landscape Care and Cultivation, various topics for the Desert Landscaper Certification Program classes (Spanish and English)


General Public:

Desert Plants and Saguaros, Landscape Care and Cultivation, various topics (Spanish and English), including but not limited to Irrigation Practices, Tree Trimming, Fertilization Techniques, Landscape Installation, Selections of Plant Palettes, Landscape Design, Identification and Practical Purchasing of Landscape Components, among other Gardening and horticultural topics.